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Johnathan T., Carmel Valley CA

Date posted: August 31, 2015   |  

I was reading some of the reviews (Elaine G., Martha L.) and I cannot believe some of these people. Is this your first time to a Doctor’s Office? You women are complaining about wait time??. I do not know of any doctor who sees their patients on time or at the exact time of your scheduled appointment. I had to wait an hour or longer with many different doctors since I can remember. BOO HOO. So sorry you women had to wait an xtra 30 minutes. Get over it!! Your lucky to even been seen by Dr Husted and Dr Rosenblum. Some of the finest EYE DOCTORS on the Monterey Peninsula. Although I live on the Peninsula, I have never witnessed so many spoiled, ungrateful people! BE THANKFUL GOD HAS GIVEN US DOCTORS! IN THE ADVENT OF OBAMACARE, DOCTORS ARE SO OVERWHELMED NOW WITH PATIENTS ! So do not complain. PEACE!

Johnathan T., Carmel Valley CA

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