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Why Are Eye Exams so Important?

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Why Are Eye Exams so Important?It is very important that you have your eyes checked at least once a year to be sure that you have no problems with your vision. The eyes are very important organs that can constantly change and need to be looked at to keep them healthy and working properly. If you catch any issues with your eyes before they get out of hand, most problems can be corrected or completely gotten rid of before permanent damage occurs. There are many reasons why you should be sure to schedule an eye appointment annually. Sometimes, a good eye exam can be the way to figure out what is causing other problems with your health. Sometimes, diseases or conditions that you have never thought about can be lurking behind your eyes and you would have never known about it without having a doctor check your eyes.

Ensure you have not acquired any diseases of the eye.

As previously stated, one of the major reasons to have your eye exam done on time each year, you need to be sure that you have not acquired any diseases of the eye and that your eyes are not showing symptoms of other diseases that you may have. High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can have adverse effects on the eyes such as causing small bleeding areas, deteriorating tissue, or even leaving fatty deosits where they shouldn’t be inside of the eye, which can cause major damage to vision and other organ systems over time. Your eye doctor may even be able to detect some diseases before your regular physician has tested for them simply by looking at your eyes with the help of magnifying equipment, which could go so far as to save your life.

Check if you need corrective lenses.

Another reason to be sure your eyes are in good health is that if they aren’t you will need corrective lenses (whether contacts or glasses) to ensure that you can see properly. If your vision has improved or declined, an eye doctor can make changes to your lens prescription as well if you need a new one. Also, if your eyes are showing signs that they are deteriorating, surgery or other measures may be needed to make sure that they regain their strength. Eye exams can help with migraines and the very issues that cause them as well, so it is always a great idea to keep your appointments and make sure that you follow all of your eye doctor’s advice afterwards.
You might even find out during a visit that you have the amazing option of having a quick and simple Lasik eye surgery or lens implant procedure to relieve you of your need for glasses or replacement contact lenses at all. Monterey Bay Eye Center can also help you with cosmetic and medical eye procedures and will give you the assistance you need to get through the entire process easily. Your eye health is very important to your well being and we value that just as much as you do. As a patient, you have the utmost importance to us as a leading eye care and treatment center. Your concerns are definitely our concerns.
At Monterey Bay Eye Center, we offer quality eye care for the entire family and are the leading resource for eye treatment and exams in the Monterey, Salinas, and Hollister, and Santa Cruz areas. Our understanding staff can help you with your eye care needs and take care of any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your visit. Remember, it is up to you to make sure that you keep your appointments up to date, but we will take care of your eyes from there on.

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