What You Need to Know if Your Child is Nearsighted

What You Need to Know if Your Child is Nearsighted

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What You Need to Know if Your Child is NearsightedWhen children find out that they have to wear glasses, it can turn their whole world upside-down. It can be a tough adjustment for their parents as well. The most common reason that children have to wear glasses is due to a condition known as myopia. If you think your child may need glasses, here is a closer look at myopia and what you can do about it to help your child.

What Is Myopia?

Put simply, myopia is the technical term for nearsightedness. A person with myopia will have trouble seeing objects at a distance. If you notice your child is squinting a lot to see things that are far away, that is a sign of myopia. A common way that parents learn their children have myopia is when they start having trouble seeing the blackboard at school. Any child who is having trouble seeing things clearly from a distance should come in to see us at Monterey Bay Eye Center to get an eye examination to check for myopia.

What Causes Myopia?

One of the most common causes of myopia is heredity. Children who have two parents who were nearsighted are much more likely to suffer from myopia. However, heredity is not the only factor at play. Environmental factors can cause myopia as well. While you cannot change your child’s genes, you can help to control their myopia by controlling the environmental factors that make it worse. If your child suffers from myopia, you can look at the following methods of controlling its progression.

Limit Time on Electronic Devices

One of the most common ways that children these days exacerbate their myopia is by spending too much time starting at the devices on electronic screens. Between TVs, computers, iPads, video games and all the other electronic gizmos out there, it seems like some kids spend the majority of their time looking at electronic screens.

The best way to prevent the eyestrain associated with staring at a screen is to set firm limits on the amount of time your children use electronic devices. You should limit their time using them to no more than a few hours a day. When they are using electronic devices with screens, get them in the habit of using the 10-10-10 rule. This rule means that every 10 minutes the child should look away from the screen at an object 10 feet away for 10 seconds. This 10 seconds of rest will give the eyes the break they need to prevent straining them.

Tell Them to Go Outside to Play

Studies show that children who play outside regularly have a lower risk of developing myopia. If you tell your kids to go outside to play, it lowers their risk of becoming nearsighted and keeps them off the electronic devices.

Provide Proper Nutrition

Another important environmental aspect in preventing myopia is proper nutrition. Children who eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals will have healthier eyes. Fruits and vegetables in particular are important. Feeding your child a multivitamin is a good idea as well.

Eye Exercises

Some research has shown that myopia can be slowed, prevented or even reversed by practicing eye-strengthening exercises. These exercises involve your child staring at a nearby object and quickly shifting focus to something far away. The near and far focusing is shifted back-and-forth, which will strengthen the eyes over time.

Come See the Vision Experts at Monterey Bay Eye Center

If your child has vision problems, you need to come in and see us right away at Monterey Bay Eye Center. Our optometrists are experts at identifying and treating myopia. It is best to tackle this problem early to prevent it from becoming worse. Monterey Bay Eye Center is your leading source for eye exams and eye treatment.

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