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The Benefits of Laser Vision Correction

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laser eye vision correctionAfter laser vision correction, you’ll never have to deal with fogged up glasses or fumbling with contact lenses to enjoy the views of Monterey Bay. This safe procedure can transform your life and allow you to enjoy all that coastal living has to offer — without the need to wear corrective lenses. This solution to vision problems has many benefits, and some of them may surprise you.

For many people, laser vision correction offers a simple and permanent solution for better eyesight. The results are fast and long-lasting, freeing people from having to replace eyeglasses, contacts and related products for the rest of their lives. Once you’ve undergone the simple procedure, you never have to deal with finding and putting on corrective lenses if you get up in the middle of the night.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Better vision without lenses
  • No need to put on glasses or contacts when you get up
  • Lower risk of wrinkles from squinting
  • Improved peripheral vision for former glasses wearers
  • Relief from eye irritation for former contact lens wearers
  • Vision improvement for some people with astigmatism or myopia

Possible Benefits

Reshaping the cornea causes overall vision improvement for some patients, compared to their vision with glasses or contact lenses. This is because when there’s significant nearsightedness or astigmatism, laser vision correction actually improves the eyesight in many cases.

Many patients report better night vision after their correction, possibly because they no longer have glare affecting corrective lenses. With the many scenic areas in Monterey for night driving, star gazing and walks on the beach, you’ll have a lot of opportunity to see for yourself.

Practical Considerations

Imagine the freedom from dealing with glasses or contact lenses in the rain. Whether or not you like the local wet winters and sea spray, you won’t miss trying to keep your glasses during the storm season and when you go to the beach. Rain, wind and salt spray can deliver impurities to contact lenses, resulting in discomfort.

After vision correction, former contact lens wearers are liberated from having to keep supplies of products, spare cases and having to replace worn, expired, damaged or lost lenses. Glasses wearers never have to concern themselves with lens scratches, lost, broken or bent glasses, screw replacements, crooked glasses and having to get replacements as their vision changes.

Travel, whether you’re having a staycation in the Monterey Bay area or taking a trip, is simplified when you don’t need to carry along corrective lens prescriptions and supplies. You’ll enjoy clear vision for sightseeing and spontaneous adventures. Swim, sail, paraglide, roller blade, scuba dive — enjoy all the activities our region has to offer with good vision. No compromises between appearance, practicality and being able to see when former glasses wearers want to wear a dive mask or other sports accessory on your face.

The benefits of laser vision correction vary due to individual differences. A consultation provides an opportunity to ask questions about your specific eyesight needs and concerns.

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