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Suffering From Computer Eye Strain?

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Many of us use our computers at work. This is why computer eye strain is a major job-related complaint. It is estimated that 50 to 90 percent of computer workers suffer from eye strain and other visual symptoms. These symptoms may include red eyes and eye twitching. Many people also notice increases in the number of errors they make at work, a decrease in productivity and physical fatigue.


Below is a list of 10 steps you can take to reduce computer vision syndrome symptoms:

1. Get An Eye Examination

One of the most important things you can do to treat or prevent computer vision problems is to get a comprehensive eye examination. People who will be frequently working on computers should have an eye examination before they start working and once a year after that. Make sure you tell your eye doctor about how often you work on your computer while you are at work and home.

2. Use The Right Lighting

Eye strain is often caused by very bright light from interior lighting or outdoor lighting. When you are using a computer, the interior light should be about half as bright as the light that is usually found in most offices. You can block out excessive bright light by using shades and drapes. You can reduce interior lighting by using fewer bulbs.

3. Minimize Glare

The glare on finishes, surfaces and the computer strain can cause eye strain. You can reduce glare by using an anti-glare computer screen. You may also want to cover the windows. Additionally, you can use lenses that have an anti-reflective coating.

4. Update Your Display

You may want to consider replacing your computer screen with a LCD screen. LCD screens typically have an anti-reflective surface and are usually much easier on the eyes.

5. Adjust The Computer Display Settings

You can reduce fatigue and eye strain by adjusting the display settings on your computer. You can adjust the brightness, text size and contrast and the color temperature to your comfort.

6. Blinking

Blinking is extremely important when you are working at the computer. It helps prevent eye strain by moistening your eyes. Interestingly, people have a tendency to blink less often when they are working at the computer. If you experience dry eyes, then you may want to ask your eye doctor about artificial tears.

7. Exercise Your Eyes

Staring at a screen tires your eyes out. You should look away from the computer at least once every 20 minutes. Focus your eyes on a distant object. This helps take some of the strain off of your eyes.

8. Take Breaks Frequently

You can prevent eye, back, neck and shoulder strain by frequently taking breaks. Move around and stretch during your break. Taking breaks not only prevents eye, neck, back and shoulder strain, but it can also increase your productivity.

9. Modify The Work Station

If you are constantly looking back and forth from your computer screen to a printed page, then this can cause eye strain. You may want to consider putting a printed document on a space beside the monitor. Poor posture can also worsen eye strain. Adjust your chair and desk the appropriate height.

10. Consider Using Computer Eye Wear

Your eye doctor can modify your prescription and create custom glasses that you can wear while you are using a computer. Even if you wear contacts, you may still want to consider wearing computer vision glasses while you are working. Contacts have a tendency to become uncomfortable and dry if you work at a computer for a long period of time.

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