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Look Your Best with Neocutis Skin Nourishing Technology

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neocutis monterey bay eye centerNeocutis provide a wide range of skincare products that are designed to give you beautiful and new looking skin. These swiss-made products have received extensive acclaim from both the beauty and medical fields, winning numerous awards for their advanced skincare products and being featured in such popular magazines as Allure, Instyle and Self. The following will provide a closer look at Neocutis and the skin nourishing technology that they use to make sure you look your best.

Skin Nourishing Technology

The Skin Nourishing technology specifically designed by Neocutis is known as PSP. This technology has been proven to actually reduce the aging of a persons skin. The PSP technology is only available with Neocutis products. It was initially discovered through many years of what is known as wound healing research. This research made way for PSP, or Processed Skin Cell Proteins, which has provided a huge boost in skin revitalization. However, this isn’t the only skincare technology that has been designed by Neocutis. Melaplex is a technology that applies skin brightening properties to a persons skin by combining four unique skincare ingredients. In fact, daily usage for a period of three months has been shown to improve the users skin tone by just over 40 percent.

Rosaplex is yet another technology that combines four ingredients to achieve a balance to skin that is prone to redness. The last of the major skincare technologies by Neocutis is known as Vitaplex C. This technology helps to reduce the oxidative stress within a persons skin that leads to skin aging. All four of these primary skincare technologies comes together to rejuvenate and nourish a persons skin in ways not seen before now. Neocutis offers a wide range of products that utilize the skin nourishing technology known as PSP. Bio-Body is a skincare product that gets rid of any frustrating rough and dry skin and molds it into much smoother and healthy skin. Bio-Cream is another skincare product that utilizes a blend of proteins to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or lines on the skin, enhance a persons skin tone and restore moisture after any dermatological or cosmetic procedures that you might go through.

The beginning of 2015 has seen Neocutis and their transforming Skin Nourishing technology included in several magazines. In the January issue of Allure magazine, Dr. Anne Chapas, a dermatologist, stated that using a skincare regimen that utilizes Journee in the morning and Bio-Cream Riche at night will lead to a huge reduction in wrinkles on your skin, which is most evident after three months of following the regimen. Neocutis also appeared within the January issue of Self magazine. The Neocutis article for this issue focused on the Bio-Body cream that is designed to use certain growth factors as a means of dramatically rejuvenating the skin.

In general, the Swiss innovation in medical research that Neocutis has brought to the industry is fantastic at providing customers with modern skincare options that will keep their skin healthier and better looking than ever before. These skincare products are sold by thousands of physicians, which further points to their legitimacy as the leaders in the field today. It should be noted that all products by Neocutis are free of synthetic color and fragrances. The technology mentioned earlier has been clinically proven within peer reviewed scientific publications, clearly displaying its efficacy.

All of the skincare products offered by Neocutis are only available exclusively from skincare providers and physicians. Monterey Bay Eye Center is one of these providers. We are a professional partner and vendor for some of the finest products offered by Neocutis. Located in Monterey Bay, California, our eye center provides access to these rejuvenating and revolutionary skincare products so that you no longer have to worry about dry and unhealthy skin.

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